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May 8th, 2011

shadowspar: Pic of rolling pin and dough w/ caption "That's how I roll" (that's how I roll)
Sunday, May 8th, 2011 00:26

Even more interesting than what's on your shopping list is what you run out of, because that shows what you're actually using. Sometimes it only dawns on me how differently I've been cooking when we suddenly start running out of something we've never run out of before, or how many cakes, cupcakes, scones and hotcakes this kitchen has emitted as of late when I realize that the bag of flour I'm buying is the third one this month.

Things we've run out of lately:

Cumin, oregano, ancho chile powder: adding homemade veg burritos to our dinner rotation is the main culprit here, but lately cumin seems to go into every recipe that requires dried spices...so much so that the second 3oz jar to go was replaced with a one-pound bag of the stuff. (They say never to argue with a person who buys ink by the barrel...what about someone who buys cumin by the pound?)

Onions and garlic: Incredibly enough, we used to buy onions a few at a time with specific recipes in mind, but more & more they seem to be getting into many of the savoury dishes we make each week: stirfry, burritos as noted above, iridōfu, plus we finally found egg-free commercial perogies, so we can finally eat perogies covered in fried onions again. Olio aglio eats through a lot of our garlic, as well as soup recipes, but a clove here and there seems to go into all the other veg dishes, too.

We had a good run on vegan soup stock for a while, but that's dropped off, what with it being spring now and all.

Finally, white sugar & white flour (>_<), along with the holy baking trifecta of cornstarch, baking soda, and baking powder. Oh, and vanilla extract too -- some four bottles of the stuff in recent memory -- and cider vinegar, of all things, which is what we use to turn soymilk into vegan buttermilk for baking. In the last while we've made a whack of birthday cakes including a half-sheet monster, several batches of scones for work & domestic consumption, several doz maple cupcakes for the kid's school, and (currently in the oven) choc chip cupcakes for Mothers' Day. This along with the regular Sunday hotcake routine and the occasional round of bread, buns, focaccia, or pizza. Sheesh.

shadowspar: Pic of rolling pin and dough w/ caption "That's how I roll" (that's how I roll)
Sunday, May 8th, 2011 18:27

Since having to quit eating eggs on account of my youngest daughter's egg allergy, one of the dishes we've really missed is macaroni salad. The traditional family recipe calls for Miracle Whip, all varieties of which contain some amount of egg. Most of the vegan mayo substitutes try to replicate plain mayonnaise, and even it just doesn't have the same zing. Someone on one of the veggie boards pointed out that Miracle Whip is just mayo with a few additives to make it more sweet & tart, though, and further recommended tuning up some Vegenaise with a bit of sugar and cider vinegar, a strategy we used to great effect. Mixing ¾ tbsp of white sugar and ½ tbsp cider vinegar into 1½ cups of Vegenaise gives a vegan "Miracle Whip" that has about the right balance of sweet & tart, but is a bit weaker than the real thing and still missing some of the "bite". Next go 'round we'll probably try to zip things up with a bit of lemon juice or dry mustard, but this worked passably well. Use that to make a double recipe of Company's Coming Main Macaroni Salad and you are off to the races.