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shadowspar ([personal profile] shadowspar) wrote2011-10-03 10:18 am, Pinboard & fandom

k, I was never a Delicious user, and I dwell on the very outskirts of fandom, so take this for what it's worth. When Delicious came down crashing down in a burning wreck, though, it was made adamantly clear to me how much of the collective memory of the internet resides there. And I don't really have words right now to describe how this is glomming together in my brain, but the current Delicious fail and subsequent mass exodus / influx to Pinboard is playing out as leading to a Fandom Saves The Internet type scenario. ^_^;

You know how sometimes you get the impression that you're watching history in the making, even though the larger world isn't taking notice? Or that something that's perceived as being of modest significance is actually capital-I Important? Yeah.

Anyway, a few links:

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