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Thursday, October 24th, 2013 22:57
TW/CW: discussion of MRA bullshit rhetoric. No one literally no one as in not one single person needs to read that crap.

Ok. I've heard the line "real MRAs are Very Nice People! who actually work on Very Important Issues! it's only these very few outlandish trolls posing as MRAs that do all this horrible shit online!" trotted out any number of times now. Are there any groups out there that actually:
  • self-identify as MRAs;
  • are not anti-feminist;
  • in their words and actions, consistently repudiate misogyny, violence, and harassment;
  • actually engage with mens' issues -- eg, our society's frankly revolting construction of masculinity and the problems that flow therefrom -- instead of just complaining about how "oppressed" men are
...or is this a typical bullshit move where they try to put up a smokescreen and give themselves some veneer of legitimacy? Because If there are any that actually fulfill these criteria, I haven't seen them. And I suspect I've already spent far, far more time on this topic than it merits.

What I do see is a bunch of dudebros whining about the terrible "stereotypes" society assigns to men, while flatly denying there is anything wrong with society's construction of masculinity. Yes, that's right -- complaining about how horrible people are for thinking that most rapists are men (in fact, 98% of them are) and for assuming most sexual assault victims are women (92%), while refusing to find any fault with the misogynist image of manhood we prescribe.

It's a travesty, a travesty! that people associate men with perpetuating violence (pssst, 80% of violent crime suspects are male). Don't people know that most homicide victims are men? (true, ~74% -- and they're mostly killed by other men, who are 89% of homicide suspects). Yet, making "toughness" and aggressiveness the measure of a man? Couldn't possibly be a problem!

The MRAs substantially accept the same fucked up male archetype that we've had for centuries, if not millenia, but somehow manage to pin all the problems it causes on feminism, which has only cropped up in the last few hundred years. They do identify some of the real problems men need to fix, but they refuse to attack the real cause -- Patriarchy -- because There Could Not Possibly Ever Be Anything Wrong With Being A Manfully Manly Man Just Like We Are Right Now.

Our bullshit iron-clad oppressive binary gender roles are flat-out killing us. They need to go, and feminists are the ones doing the demolishing. If you're not going to pitch in and help, then go get yourself a bucket, mop up your goddamn Male Tears, and fuck off.


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