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shadowspar: Picture of Kurama lashing out with a rose whip (kurama - rose whip)
Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 00:35
FWIW: not only is this stuff super-crumbly and hella messy, it also makes hardwood floors slippery as all hell. As proof of which, witness the complete feet-out-from-underneath wipeout my 4yo daughter had tonight.

If your kids get some of this headache-disguised-as-modelling-compound for giftmas, do yourselves a favour and throw it right in the trash.
shadowspar: An angry anime swordswoman, looking as though about to smash something (Default)
Saturday, May 29th, 2010 17:53

Every now and then, a turn of phrase, seemingly unbidden, springs from my lips that's either

  • so screamingly something that a stereotypical parent would say, or
  • something that before having become a parent, I could never have predicted myself one day saying.

Today's example of the former:

"Watch it -- you might learn something."

...and of the latter:

"Hey! No, stop! Stop licking the doorstop, you'll get splinters!"

shadowspar: Picture of Kurama lashing out with a rose whip (kurama - rose whip)
Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 09:08

One of the reasons some people give for the fact that there are fewer women than men involved in many areas of technology, engineering, and "hard" sciences is that, you know, women and girls aren't very interested in that "tech stuff"; they just don't like it as much as men and boys.

If you would have been with us on our trip to Science North this past weekend, you would have seen that argument for the great load of bullshit that it is. Not only did our girls have a great time, there was pretty close to an even gender split amongst the other kids in attendance, and I sure didn't see anyone off in the corner sulking about how "boring" or "uninteresting" the place was.