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shadowspar: Stamp image: paper airplane with caption "Par Avion" (par avion)
Friday, September 18th, 2015 23:24
Things I've learned: even though we've been "All up" -- everything gets sent by air mail -- for longer than I've been alive, Canada's International Letter-post Items Regulations still mandate that all letters and postcards posted in Canada for delivery outside Canada bear the words AIR MAIL and PAR AVION. (Handwritten in bold capital letters in blue or black, or by affixing an Airmail etiquette, to be specific.)
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Monday, February 6th, 2012 13:40

So, over the holidays, I was looking for a place to post my Christmas cards. Though I knew the location of a few mailboxen, and while I was sure that they are all over the place, I realized that I didn't pass one anywhere in my daily routine.

When I got a moment, I had a look on the Canada Post website, figuring they'd have a map or at least a list there. No such luck, which seems strange -- you would think for sure that they keep records of all of their mailboxes in some kind of GIS or other.

Happily, there is a collaborative Google Map where people can contribute in an attempt to enumerate all the mailboxes in Canada. For some reason, though, my additions didn't take -- maybe the map has hit the maximum number of placemarks or some such? Only one thing to do, of course -- make my own map of mailbox locations for Sault Ste Marie.

Cut for those uninterested in postal trivia... )