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shadowspar: Picture of Rick holding a can of blue Jolt soda (jolt!)
Thursday, February 28th, 2013 23:46
I am honestly not at all a big fan of the big pharma companies. The fact that they spend much more money on marketing than R&D is loathesome, and some of their marketing practices are reprehensible at best.

That being said, I am long tired of the assertion, either implicit or explicit, that if I choose to treat a condition I might have with medication, that I am somehow "selling out", or better yet, that I am merely a guillible, brainwashed pawn of "Big Pharma".

Big Pharma on Youtube.

Dr Glenn Richie: "I'm not willing to keep my cancer cure under wraps just because the government tells me to. I'll call my congressman." (grabs phone)
Ben Hayflick: (snatches phone away) "You just don't get it, do you." (slams phone down)
BH: "Who do you think runs Congress? Big Pharma! It's the big pharmaceutical companies, Glenn, that make all the big decisions!"
BH: "Big Pharma paves your roads. Big Pharma delivers your mail. Who do you think teaches your kids how to read, teachers? Try again. Big Pharma!"
BH: "Big Pharma took us to war in Vietnam, synthesized crack, and killed Kennedy. Big Pharma came from outer space, invented Ben Franklin, started a little company called 'The Internet'. And polluted the ocean with high-fructose corn syrup!"
BH: "We're everywhere, Glenn. Even this..." (grabs pill bottle) "...is Big Pharma."
GR: "The heart medication I give to my patients? Nooooo...."
BH: "Now, hand over the cure, Glenn! And start enjoying the soon-to-be-free public wi-fi, courtesy of Big Pharma!"
GR: "I'll pay for my own wi-fi, thank you very much!"
BH: "Let me put it to you this way, Doctor Ritchie! If this gets out there, you'll be suffering from an acute case of cancer yourself!" (cocks revolver) "Bullet cancer."
BH: "Ha, ha, ha....bullet cancer."