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Monday, July 6th, 2015 12:18
What good, exciting things happened to you last week? What are you looking forward to this week? It can be one thing or many things, something big or small - especially the small things, they don't get enough credit.

my list under the cut )

Tbh I'm starting to get excited about this Monday meme, too - I kept wondering what great things might have happened to you or what you are excited about, it's just so lovely to see this snapshot of your mood and that you have things to appreciate in your life!
Monday, July 6th, 2015 11:04

Not only a "re-read", but also a "re-purchase" (I now have this both as paper and as pure intangible bits).

We follow Auraya, from beinga young girl to becoming the latest of "The Five", the high priests of the Circlian Faith. The Five of the White are the same number as the Five Circlian Gods, the sole survivors of a battle between Gods in the past.

In addition to Auraya, we also follow the viewpoint characters Leiard (a Dreamweaver, essentially mind-linking magical super-healers) and Emerahl (also know as The Hag, an Immortal who has been alive for centuries; has remarkable healing and mind-reading powers).

Takes an interesting tack at magic, but if you've read any other Canavan magic books, it's not actually that different from the fictional magic system normally hauled out. Still, an interesting read.
Monday, July 6th, 2015 08:24
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Chris Rock dropped the mic.

protect conscious black celebs.

If that’s not a mic drop, I don’t know what is. Keep speaking truth.
Monday, July 6th, 2015 02:10
1. Very productive day at work again today. We recently got in a bunch of these fancy little bags of hand-made candy from Kyoto and have to make a display for them. Usually this would have taken me ages to get around to because of being so busy, but I was able to get it mostly all done today (still need some decorations and signage) and the deadline to have it finished and send pics to headquarters isn't for another two weeks!

2. I have tomorrow off! It's been really nice having several days in a row to sleep in (though I hope I'm not getting myself onto too much of a later sleep schedule). I need to try and get down to Old Navy tomorrow and return the jeans I ordered last month, but other than that, I don't have anything planned other than relaxing.

3. The weather's been so nice and cool lately. I think there's one day this week that's supposed to get up to high 70s, but that's it. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

4. I've been trying to take melatonin before bed this past week and I think it's been helping?
Monday, July 6th, 2015 07:37
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Monday, July 6th, 2015 03:10
Mondays, every week, let's celebrate ourselves, to start the week right. Tell me what you're proud of. Tell me what you accomplished last week, something -- at least one thing -- that you can turn around and point at and say: I did this. Me. It was tough, but I did it, and I did it well, and I am proud of it, and it makes me feel good to see what I accomplished. Could be anything -- something you made, something you did, something you got through. Just take a minute and celebrate yourself. Either here, or in your journal, but somewhere.

(And if you feel uncomfortable doing this in public, I've set this entry to screen any anonymous comments, so if you want privacy, comment anonymously and I won't unscreen it. Also: yes, by all means, cheer each other on when you see something you want to give props to!)
Monday, July 6th, 2015 06:49
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This is the greatest thing I have ever reblogged.
Monday, July 6th, 2015 01:12
Step one of our plan for making sure everything [personal profile] afuna was doing gets covered: we're going to be splitting up her role somewhat. Afuna was doing many things, but the two that were in frequent conflict, in terms of demands on her time, was the dichotomy between managing pull requests/reviewing code/encouraging new folks, and working on her own major projects. We'll be splitting those into two separate positions to hopefully minimize some of that tension!

I'm very pleased to announce that [personal profile] kareila has agreed to take on the first half of that set of duties: she will be our new volunteer developer coordinator. (Which totally needs a more pithy name.) For just about as long as DW has existed, Jen's been doing a ton of mentoring and encouraging. She's been a code committer in the past, and I know she's looking forward to getting back to that, but she's also been damn good at recognizing people who are doing great work. She's also great at lending a helping hand when someone needs one -- and more than that, at recognizing when the hand is necessary. Both [staff profile] mark and I are confident she'll be a fabulous fit in the role.

I know she has a ton of great ideas about how we can improve the contributing process for our volunteer devs, and I don't want to steal her thunder for when she gets up and running, but I was so excited that I wanted to share the good news with y'all as soon as we nailed down the details. Welcome to [staff profile] karzilla, newly be-hatted!
Sunday, July 5th, 2015 20:42
I have shingles as of thursday night. Only realized that's what it was on Friday evening. Got a house call doctor (this was amazing) and antivirals and prednisone.

Not sure about the prednisone but i'm taking it anyway. I read a lot of papers on saturday off medline. jury is out on prednisone. the acyclovir pills make me gag and retch (they are just too big and have ... edges. why!!!) Will see a doctor from my regular practice tomorrow and I think it will be best to switch antivirals to something smaller that doesn't make me barf and cry 5 times a day.

On vicodin. It is very painful. Vicodin is not always enough but I am going to try and keep it to that. alternating with tramadol.

It is around my waist in a stripe, on the left, i think t7-ish (lower ribs)
Sunday, July 5th, 2015 19:00
I'm tempted to say that Doctor Who had never attempted anything like The Lodger before, but I don't think that's strictly true. The specifics of The Lodger: that the Doctor attempts to pass as a human while renting someone's spare room and, in the process, becomes embroiled in a soft-focus version of "Men Behaving Badly", are new to the show. However, the constraints of Doctor/Companion-lite episodes meant we had, over the course of NuWho, seen a number of these episodes that were fairly tightly focused character studies, operating on a limited budget and turning that into a virtue. While Love and Monsters and Turn Left (to pick two) were very different in content, stylistically they belong to the same strand as The Lodger.

Is it any good though?

Well, reluctantly, yes )

In some ways, I wish Doctor Who did this sort of thing more often than once every other season or so. One of NuWho's strengths has been the discovery that Doctor Who can do "domestic" and, indeed, that a threat that works primarily on the level of the domestic can be as gripping as a threat to the universe. The change in pace and tone enriches the show which can otherwise get a little carried away with bombastic grandeur.

metanews coding: <a href=>NuWho Rewatch: The Lodger</a> (LJ) <i>Discussion of the fifth series episode</i>
Sunday, July 5th, 2015 19:00
We have tickets to see an open air performance of the Carmina Burana in an hour. 10 minutes ago, it went dark outside, 5 minutes ago the storm started and I could hear thunder. One minute ago, the storm turned into something worse.

The hail is predicted to reach 3 centimeters in diameter...

Guess we're staying inside?
Sunday, July 5th, 2015 02:22
1. We grilled today. Yay, delicious meat!

2. As expected, it was pretty quiet at work today, so even though there were a lot of people who took the day off, I wasn't overwhelmed with stuff and running around all the time, and actually got a lot done!

3. I actually listened to music for a bit tonight and got some sorting done of recently downloaded stuff. Having the nice new computer makes me want to be a bit more organised.
Sunday, July 5th, 2015 17:24
(Technically it's not because we used sausage instead of octopus -- but it came out pretty well!)

Sunday, July 5th, 2015 08:17
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[Image description: A photograph of a manatee, fins open. TEXT: “Please don’t tell me that you’re not pretty enough, strong enough, smart enough, tough enough, good enough, or whatever else. You are a great person and you deserve to have everything you want.”]
Sunday, July 5th, 2015 07:46
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Despite Twilight’s flaws I think we can all appreciate what Rosalie Hale did to her gang of rapists after she became a vampire

One of Twilight’s biggest flaws was always that um, how do I put this? It has these kickass supporting characters with these fascinating back stories and instead we have to pay attention to this truly boring couple instead of hearing about Jasper fighting in a vampire war, or Alice as a psychic girl in a 1920’s mental institution, or Carlyle as a vampire doctor trying to atone for all the murdering he did.

Or Leah as the ONLY BIOLOGICALLY FEMALE WEREWOLF IN THE WORLD, or that other vampire baby from South America.

Or pretty much anything beyond Bella and Edward staring at one another and crying.
Sunday, July 5th, 2015 06:57
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“Knitting Madonna” detail from the Buxtehude Altar. German 1400-10.
Saturday, July 4th, 2015 22:44
I spent a lot of tonight drunk and it was really nice, especially while my grandmother made us go around the table reading poetry one line at a time and my great-aunt called the entire process to a screeching halt every time she found a typo.
Sunday, July 5th, 2015 04:44
post-tags: instagram, crosspost #fireworks from my bedroom window just now. Then the cops came and the kids fled, heh.
Sunday, July 5th, 2015 00:48
post-tags: instagram, crosspost #Hapa 4th of July! (Featuring an abridged version of my grandma's Filipino fruit salad: peaches + nata de coco. Missing: langka, pears, maraschino cherries.)
Saturday, July 4th, 2015 12:27

... and yeah, it was true that you could buy nine—that’s nine—A-10s for the price of one F-117. But the F-117 was new and fast and “stealth” and all black like the Batmobile—every childish high-tech BS mess the USAF has always loved, whereas the A-10 was slow and ugly and—worst of all—cheap

-- War Nerd discusses my favourite airplane

Saturday, July 4th, 2015 20:33

This is me, with baby Gremlin's teddy. (Or possibly GremlinMother's teddy, Gremlin's not that interested in large teddies yet.) I babysat for a few hours on friday, which he spent asleep, so I spent a few hours napping in front of a fan and it was *glorious*.

I would like to state that babies continue to be excellent academic therapy. Gremlin can be a difficult little human (although I've not had him at his most... explosive. Just shouty. I have yet to meet the 'crapocalypse' mode). But he doesn't care about my thesis. He is extremely demanding but these demands do not include 'think complex thoughts'. Ergo, he is good for me.

Moar photo )
Saturday, July 4th, 2015 18:20
38 degrees Celsius outside today. Wow. That, like, never happens in these regions of Germany.

I am so glad we moved to the house in spring. Being able to lie in the shade in my own garden is so much better than sweating in the apartment under the roof for the last five summers. I also did some gardening and grocery shopping, but mostly today was just relaxing and trying to enjoy the sun.
Saturday, July 4th, 2015 08:39
I'm in Jasper for the weekend, since my grandmother's birthday party is a bunch of her female relatives hanging out at a ridiculously swanky private cabin.

Gran is a relatively toxic person, being hypercritical and hypoempathetic, and 90; she's spending a lot of time talking over the past with her sister and sister-in-law and it's an important weekend for Mom because she's learning a lot about what made her mom like this and hearing stories she's never heard before. I'm just trying to enjoy the setting and let the comments about Kids These Days With Their Texting and Not Having Domestic Skills pass over me and pretending not to hear the racism and anti-Semitism.

Aunt Karen, the rolemodel with her own horse farm, is fun and less/non-toxic who thinks the SCA and mounted combat sounds awesome so I'm trying to get her to go into the town later today with me; and late last night a cousin my age (who introduced me to Tamora Pierce when I was 10 and she was 14) came in and she seems pretty cool and grounded.

But right now I'm in the bedroom missing out on LittleOldLadyCon and considering going back to sleep until Mom gets back from her massage.
Saturday, July 4th, 2015 01:28
12:13 PM * Azz ambles in a Silly Valley-ward direction
12:25 PM <Purple> hope Azz isn't going to work

Azz was, in fact, going to work. Partly because a conference week is not the world's most bountiful paycheck week (and therefore a four-day week the next week isn't the best choice) and partly because work has air conditioning.

I proceeded to turn on my disco lights and blast* Abney Park while catching up on the paperwork that drives my normal uncanny ability to remember arbitrary weird things.

* for values of "blast" that became nearly inaudible once you reached the bathrooms.

radius was also at work enjoying the air conditioning, as I learned once I checked in on IRC. He'd gone down to Curmudgeon* City to hack on some fun stuff, since it was a weekend.

* They're not jerks per se, but their group's team chat has an honorable history of being displayed in the team area using Microsoft Comic Chat.

The security guy came through and poked at the door, which was unlocking itself, accompanied by irritated beeping when you tried to lock it, again. He was seen on the phone, with some gesticulation. He went away. He returned with a buddy. They both poked at the door, which was no longer doing the thing. They went away.

Eventually it became closer to evening. radius and I made plans for dinner. Sensibly, he proposed that I drive us both, rather than having him go separately on his bike, as bike and dinner dress codes often differ. I was agreeable, but added that I would have to unearth the front seat of the car.

"I can sit on it," he demurred, not having seen what was in the seat.

"No, you cannot," I said, and proceeded to shuffle an amazing number of things out of my front seat: one of those fabric boxes that goes in the big IKEA cube shelves (filled with all manner of road trip snacks and less edible items such as alcohol wipes), any number of soft drink cups, cans, and bottles, a few used napkins, the empty container of blueberries that figured so prominently in Sunday's digestive misadventures*, a box of tampons, several cherry pits, an expended alcohol wipe, a household size fire extinguisher, and about five blueberries that had fallen down behind the snack box. The fire extinguisher wasn't exactly a surprise, because I knew it was there, but I'd sort of glossed over it in my mental accounting, which was mostly "all god's soda cans". radius helped by relaying a few trips to the bins. Mostly the fire extinguisher is in the car because you don't want a car to do something terrible without you have a fire extinguisher; not that I'm expecting him to do something terrible, but it would be just like a car to go ahead and do something like that if you didn't have one handy. So.

* 2 pounds of blueberries eaten over the course of about 11 hours of Saturday without actual solid food? after 2pm-ish? Not my best life choice.

We then went for dinner and gossip. I introduced him to the Book of Wholesome Hobbies. It's starting to get unwieldy, and I may have to start categorizing. There are an awful lot of prohibitions based on fire.

Eventually we traipsed back to work. I spent some more time whacking chunks of text around. The door started doing the thing again, of course when the other security guard wasn't looking. The first guy seemed frustrated. After he left, I went and poked at it myself. I went outside and badged the door, but didn't open it. The unlock window timed out, and the master door locked itself. Somewhat hesitantly, the problem door followed suit. So I may have figured out how to make it stop doing the thing. Next I need to figure out how to make it do the thing on command.

My notes are in better shape. Hooray!

My plans for tomorrow are approximately:

* Make ice.
* Fetch strawberries.
* Wait for evening to set in.
* Take ice, strawberries, liquid, and a lawn chair down the waterfront and set up.
* Watch other people let off fireworks.
* Share strawberries as appropriate.
Saturday, July 4th, 2015 08:23
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Saturday, July 4th, 2015 01:15
1. The fan in the computer room seems to have finally given up the ghost. :( We've had it for over ten years and it's a really great fan, but even a thorough cleaning doesn't seem to have revived it at all, so I went ahead and ordered a new one (sadly not the same kind, as they don't make it anymore). I'm just glad the weather's cooled down so we can go a few days without it. (If we need a fan, we do have one that works well and another one that also seems to be dying, but today we mostly didn't need any fans at all.)

2. I had a nice relaxing day off today. Slept in late and then played Mario and read a lot. But I also got some stuff done!

3. I finally made an icon of Molly. :)
Saturday, July 4th, 2015 07:36
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Hey Everyone! We’re so excited to announce that we have tow new products up for pre-sale at! One is a collaboration with Out of Print Clothing - they have kindly allowed us to put our “stamp” of approval on their Library tote! We also have a David Foster Wallace inspired “This is Water” bottle, from Faucet Face. Go check them out!

And, enter FREESHIP at checkout to get free shipping worldwide on any order placed this month! 

GUYS remember all that sweet JSTOR gear I got, now you can get some too!

The mug, I can say from personal experience, is super hefty and durable.
Friday, July 3rd, 2015 12:11
Yesterday I saw Gangs of Wasseypur (2012), a 5 hour long, 2-part intergenerational epic Indian gangster film that ought to rank near the top of any survey of the genre. It's quite an amazing piece of work, I'm still digesting it but I recommend anyone in Vancouver who likes cinema at all takes the time to see it. It's at Cinematheque only for the next few days: there was one show tonight, then one saturday and one sunday, then it's gone.

Other recent movies I've seen, beneath the cut...
reviews! )
Saturday, July 4th, 2015 06:49
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Friday, July 3rd, 2015 21:47
I can't wait for it to stop being fireworks season. I stopped at Home Depot to day for a set of ear protectors. They're heavy, but at least I'm not twitching.

And I can still sort of watch TV with them on. (The program I'm watching right now could definitely be better about closed captioning, though.)
Friday, July 3rd, 2015 08:26
Well-known things I'm very proud that rust shipped 1.0 without:

  • null pointers
  • array overruns
  • data races
  • wild pointers
  • uninitialized, yet addressable memory
  • unions that allow access to the wrong field

Less-well-known things I'm very proud that rust shipped 1.0 without:

  • a shared root namespace
  • variables with runtime "before main" static initialization (the .ctors section)
  • a compilation model that relies on textual inclusion (#include) or textual elision (#ifdef)
  • a compilation model that relies on the order of declarations (possible caveat: macros)
  • accidental identifier capture in macros
  • random-access strings
  • UTF-16 or UCS-2 support anywhere outside windows API compatibility routines
  • signed character types
  • (hah! vertical tab escapes (as recently discussed) along with the escapes for bell and form-feed)
  • "accidental octal" from leading zeroes
  • goto (not even as a reserved word)
  • dangling else (or misgrouped control structure bodies of any sort)
  • case fallthrough
  • a == operator you can easily typo as = and still compile
  • a === operator, or any set of easily-confused equality operators
  • silent coercions between boolean and anything else
  • silent coercions between enums and integers
  • silent arithmetic coercions, promotions
  • implementation-dependent sign for the result of % with negative dividend
  • bitwise operators with lower precedence than comparison operators
  • auto-increment operators
  • a poor-quality default hash function
  • pointer-heavy default containers

Next time you're in a conversation about language design and someone sighs, shakes their head and tells you that sad legacy design choices are just the burden of the past and we're helpless to avoid repeating them, try to remember that this is not so.
Friday, July 3rd, 2015 08:23
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The Signs As Fonts: A definitive guide to your astrological type. Read directly from the stars by design astrologist adamjk, exclusively for yrbff.

How do I put this lightly… oh yeah, I don’t. Aries, you’re demanding and ambitious and sometimes that can put people off. There, I said it. You’re a little bit of an overachiever which can be great, but stop shouting, we hear you! All that aside, you’re loyal and make a real difference when it matters. Impact definitely does leave an impact, and you lend those strong words to those who are a bit quieter. Like cats. Thank you for speaking for all cats. U CAN HAZ.

You’re strong, sturdy, and a little stubborn, Taurus, but you’re patient too. Rock solid until the very end. We know we can count on you to understand and provide useful, practical insight, which can make you an excellent teacher. Sometimes it’s tough love, but it’s still definitely love. Bookman is a friendly font, but authoritative in a loving way. You’re someone we can keep coming back to.

Sometimes it’s tough to know which way you’ll go, Gemini! You’re flexible and pretty open most of the time, but we’re never sure which side of you we’ll get. Your clear, communicative nature is helpful and serves you well in your accomplishments. We also know you to be affectionate, and that infectious charisma doesn’t hurt either. Like you, Franklin Gothic is an excellent communicator, serving traditional institutions with a human touch.

You’re kind of a homebody, concerned with tradition and comfort. Like an actual crab, you carry a lot with you so you’re never far from what matters to you most. You’re a little fickle, but you’re loyal where it counts and make a good friend. Zapfino, based on a World War II era character set by Hermann Zapf, invokes a strong sense of history and familiarity. While it might not always be the right fit, or work well with other typefaces, it can be a great choice when the time is right.

Leo, you’re all about power and will, leading the way with your head held high. You just have a certain way of getting it right, so good job on that. It’s not just intelligence, but an intuition, tied strongly to your sensitive and loving nature. It’s okay that you’re so bold, because we know it comes from a place of love. Cooper Black can be so loud that it’s almost comical, but the overall intention is one of comfort and, to an extent, trust. It’s no wonder you’ve become a go-to choice for slogan tees and make us think of our favorite camp counsellor.

Oh, Virgo! You’re so charming and intelligent. We love talking to you, and the conversation flows easily. You’re a storyteller and a natural fit, and you work well with others. Some might think you’re a little basic, but we know better. It’s a calculated effort to be as useful as possible, and people open up to you as a result. Times New Roman has stood the test of time, from a legacy of use in print to modern day computing. Everyone knows you, and everyone has an opinion. There’s no such thing as bad publicity?

Balance and stability are what you’re all about, Libra, which can be tough. Your constant quest for beauty and truth in everything and everyone can border on obsessive. You can be quiet and shy, but when you find your worthy cause, you become a champion for others. Gotham is serious, but friendly, with beautiful round shapes, a great choice for Barack Obama’s campaigns. You’re introspective enough to know that you’re a bit played out currently, but remember not to hold your tongue when it counts.

You’re purposeful and bold, Scorpio, and exude control and confidence in all you do. Sometimes you’re misunderstood and retreat a little, but not for long. You can be a little brash, but it’s not without reason. Sometimes you feel like you have to fight to be heard, and that may be true, but don’t fight too hard or you’ll be written off entirely. Verdana isn’t always the most beautiful, but it works hard to be legible online and off, and boasts a massive character set so it can be heard anywhere it needs to be. Just don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

Oh boy, Sagittarius. You’re impatient and sometimes too quick for your own good, but you’re focused when you need to be. Which is important, because you have a tendency to try and do everything at once and can suffer as a result. You can’t really be tamed, but do take friends and relationships seriously. Marker Felt Thin isn’t always the right choice, but this quick scrawl is tame enough to be an effective and passionate communicator. You’re reminiscent of lettering on protest signs… no surprise there.

You really don’t need me to tell you this, Capricorn, but you are intelligent and practical, and keeping your shit in order is important to you. You also just don’t give a fuck about what’s going on around you, which keeps you on task. Your perseverance is what helps you succeed in almost any situation, but your stoicism backfires when you can’t share your feelings with anyone. Helvetica stands the test of time, being a clear communicator and presenting information without comment. Like you, it can sometimes feel like it lacks its own personality depending on usage, but it’s a ubiquitous choice for getting things done with grace.

You’re pretty unassuming, doing your thing a bit differently, but quietly at the same time. You’re honest, loyal, and smart, which helps you make friends easily. You drift towards humanitarian efforts, but you can also be pretty lazy sometimes, getting lost in thought and even poetry. When you’re on task, you’re extremely smart, but you don’t need anyone to pat you on the back. You’re content. American Typewriter is a cleaned-up typewriter font, evoking a time before modern computing in a friendly, clean face. It’s both “all-natural” and “top-secret” which is why it’s such a good match.

You’re trustworthy and quiet, except for when you’re not. Those who pay attention will notice your true beauty, inside and out. Those who don’t are missing out on a wonderful, generous friend. Sometimes you’re a little… off? This can lead to you being taken advantage of. Try to give yourself some space so you can focus on organize everything going on in that head of yours! Futura is a good match for its geometric beauty and cool moves, but it gets cluttered fast. Give it lots of space and don’t let it say too much or it’ll get jumbled right up. Use it for headlines and other close-up opportunities to say a lot with a little.

…. Actually I really like that font.
Friday, July 3rd, 2015 00:47
Called [personal profile] norabombay this morning; she was driving through some spotty coverage areas and it was difficult to hear her cunning fic plans involving a Sherlock + Vanyel the Last Herald-Mage crossover.

The work QUILTBAG club has started up meetings again. The guy who was doing most of the organizing got super busy, yadda yadda, and I think this is the first time I've been able to make a meeting in over a year (and mostly because of lack of meetings). It was lunch and mimosas (bring your own lunch) in the milkshake bunker. I arrived a bit late and slid in at the end of the table. A little later a few other people showed up, making about a dozen of us, and two non-dudes.

We toasted around the table. My friend the usual organizer is nervous of champagne bottles, and somewhere along the line I seem to have become decent at popping the cork with only a little bang and a breath of vapor, given a nice sturdy table to put the thing on. I opened the bottle of strawberry syrup, which made some interesting variations on mimosa.

We talked about where we'd been when we heard about the decision. I'd been at Open Source Bridge, of course, and I'd woken up around 7:30 and I saw the news on Twitter, and I was delighted. [personal profile] kareila came in and told me there was good news. We squeed about it for a bit. That, of course, was the morning after Thursday night; on Thursday night after the code push, some of us had wound up in [personal profile] kaberett and [personal profile] me_and and [personal profile] woggy's hotel room talking until about two-ish, and I'd been up until about three-ish. So after chatting with [personal profile] kareila for a bit, I went promptly back to sleep.

I was not tight as an owl when I traipsed back down the hill, but I was a tad giggly.

I promptly found myself in the middle of the wrap-up meeting for the conference. I have proposed that the search for external speakers commence basically immediately, since that part takes the longest and caused quite a bit of angst last time around.

Readers, if you ever ask a group of which I am a member a question shaped like "What's the minimum amount of work I have to do in order to make my software 508 compliant? Asking for a friend!" -- please do not be surprised if you find yourself in receipt of a broadside from the Accessibility Cannon that begins something like "THE FUCK YOU SAY. HOW ABOUT YOU STOP TRYING TO DO THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF WORK NECESSARY TO COMPLY WITH THE LETTER OF THE LAW AND START THINKING ABOUT 'HEY IF I'M A USER WITH THESE CONSTRAINTS, CAN I USE THE FUCKING SOFTWARE?' P.S. THINKING ABOUT IT AS IMAGES WILL DOOM YOU TO FAILURE, THINK ABOUT IT AS INFORMATION THAT THE USER CAN CONSUME IN A FORMAT OF THEIR CHOICE. ENJOY THE USER EXPERIENCE OFFICE HOURS." As it happens, I got a (public and somewhat defensive) response that they were doing things right really, it's just that they were in review phase and they wanted to know what to expect/brace for, and then I got a (directly to me, from someone else) response dancing around the concept that maybe I could be less of a blistering asshole about it up front.

I topped that off by running into someone who thought that the slide-video based training system was the equivalent of documentation, and wrote "$TRAININGVIDEOSYSTEM is not a substitute for documentation" several times on not!Facebook, with a few points which documentation has that $TRAININGVIDEOSYSTEM doesn't:
* Does not require registration
* Does not require completing a course
* Renders on a maximum number of browsers, ideally in plain ol' HTML
* Explains how to do various tasks without starting at 101 each time
* Doesn't require a title card, theme music, or (necessarily) images

At which point I paused, contemplated life for a bit, and then opened up the Aleve jar on the grounds that I was about to have cramps from hell, because clearly my period was about to hit. (And it did.)

Purple skived off early for the weekend when a friend of his wanted to do something. I didn't stay too late, and wound up back on the correct side of the Bay before Costco closed. I chatted with Nora again, who had made it home safely.

I have had various things from Abney Park in my head all day, because yesterday I introduced them to Mr. Sub-tle and the Dean. I have a long game in mind.
Friday, July 3rd, 2015 07:36
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“My lord, King Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire, yet another distant relative has died and left you half of Europe.”

“Excellent. What shall our first course of action be?”

“We need to update your coat of arms, my lord. There is now a new section to add.”

*Charles V starts crying*
Friday, July 3rd, 2015 06:49
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Are fedoras really that bad?


I don’t really believe this mumbo jumbo

I mean it’s a goddamn hat.


The white rose, it symbolizes the unique beauty of all the women who wish not to be with a nice guy such as myse-

I wonder if this works with other kinds of hat…

Nothing ventured, nothing gained…


Men of Tumblr are my favorite kind of people…

wait, does that mean?

oh boy…….

You guys are fucking silly

and I’m gonna prove it!

Because honestly, only an idiot would believe that you can simply-

I must say Reginald, the oil sales have been most disappointing in the last fortnight, it’s positively appal-



Okay, now you guys are just pulling my leg, there’s no way-

You rebel scum are no match for the might of the Emp-

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 17:54
I am done, sort of! at least, it shipped!

Cool huh?

I'm so very very very tired and brain-fried! I hope for a good long weekend with some swimming involved!
Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 17:04
I didn't make it this year, but past WisCons have been the first and only place I've heard speakers acknowledge the indigenous peoples on whose stolen land they're speaking. I would like to do this in my own speaking, including an upcoming talk in Washington, DC, and I'm wondering if there are tips or resources out there? Is there a name for this practice? I want to make sure I do this in a respectful, accurate, NOT "look at my white tears" way.
Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 15:40
+short week
+long weekend
+left early
+sun is shining
+no rain in the forecast
+not too hot

...and that's all i got.
Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 16:14
post-tags: instagram, crosspost Early blueberries. Still a bit tart, but the birds are snagging them before we can. #latergram
Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 08:20
I often have my own commentary running through my head while reading stuff, and I am thinking of doing posts where I re-read the IDW Ghostbusters comics and doing my thing, like posting dialogue and/or scans/screengrabs (because I have digital versions on top of hard copies) with my thoughts or captions underneath.

I'm also thinking of opening a WordPress blog about geeky things, so I'm not sure if I should do the above plan on there, on Dreamwidth/LJ or on Tumblr. I think Tumblr might be best for this sort of thing, but I'm meh about it in general.

Now I just need to decide where I do this.
Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 18:06
Hi, I'm going to be traveling in the USA and Canada this month, and have a question about the availability of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol as over the counter meds.

In Australia I can buy both at either pharmacies or general supermarkets without prescriptions.

I want to make sure it's going to be okay for me to:

1. Bring them with me
2. Buy them if I run out

and also

3. figure out what they are called there.

I'm pretty sure that ibuprofen is still ibuprofen, just with different brand names, but I think paracetamol is called something different altogether.

Any help is much appreciated.

ETA: Thanks everyone. All my questions have been covered.
Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 00:32
Today was another day of catching up. It started out not entirely well-omened, with the shadows of distressing dreams, and too hot, to the point that wearing one of the normal thickness cardigans was making me panic at the thought of overheating, badly enough that I wouldn't be able to leave. So I dug through the laundry until I found the thin soft black cardigan, the previously maligned one with the "drop pockets" which drop things out of them reliably. (Bare arms wouldn't have done either: sun, and I have some body-shyness with my upper arms. Though I'm becoming okay with going bare-armed around my team, indoors, out of the sun.)

The rest of Purple's crew had been delayed, so it was just us outside at one of the little umbrella tables for four that we usually cram with at least six, sometimes up to ten.

We'd run into R on our way out; she'd regaled us with tales of horror and woe. She's going to Colorado for a couple weeks to spend time with her ailing mother.

"No meetings this afternoon?" she'd asked Purple, indicating the onions on his tacos. That hadn't really been a consideration for him.

An irreverent onion-related poll )

One of the guys had been trying to poll for dinner soonish, and hoped to get some of the things hashed out over a milkshake. So we went up to the milkshake bunker.

This guy, the new guy, is one of the guys in that notable corner office with the mommy and daddy bananas, the minion, and ET. The office also has 7 of 9, and enough booze to intoxicate an entire Borg cube.

There are plans to renovate the milkshake bunker and add a genius bar. The locals are dubious. I inquired, and got back reassurances that the milkshake bunker will still be good for milkshakes during most of the swapping around, the genius bar is going into the now former catering office, and the catering office is moving into the nearby conference room (I think). They're swapping furniture around as well. We shall see.

There was various hilarity, including wireless networking problems, UK and Australia vs. US electrical woes, a new face comparison for the Australia plugs that is not horrible and is in fact the Scary Movie mask, and accidental desk hockey. Purple and Mr. Zune had been playing with their ice cream cups, and skidding them across the table a bit. Mr. Zune accidentally flung his across the table between Purple's arms. This was declared a goal, despite Purple declaring that he wasn't playing hockey. Then Purple licked his spoon, wiped it off on his pants, and began brushing at the table with it, declaring that he was curling.

I spent a good amount of last week laughing. Today's milkshake walk filled this week's laughter quota.

Shortly thereafter, the Dean showed up. He very nearly threw himself onto the table and slid down it, which would have been exactly perfect. I promptly lost the words that I was looking for to communicate that we needed to set up plans for the ... the ... I gestured a rolling ball, a hat, a whip. The thirteen-year-olds I was with interpreted it all as BDSM. Thanks, thirteen-year-olds. After the Dean headed off, I found words again. "INDIANA JONES." The "You perverts." was unspoken. <3

The guy from the office of the suspiciously gendered bananas has an implanted medical device, and therefore needs to avoid hobbies like arc welding, making tesla coils, and being in the vicinity of that former Hitachi magic wand of mine that interfered with that keyboard. We never did get the dinner plans nailed down.

The attempt to get my entire team on versions of Adobe Creative Suite from the century of the fruitbat continues. Still.

Rocky's father-in-law died last week. The Stage Manager sent a fruit basket, which will do a large part to help Rocky's wife survive the memorial, as her mother does not really keep fruit around and she basically lives on it. I expressed my condolences, and he talked about things.

The weather changed, enough that it could be felt inside. I felt much better, although still sticky.

In advance of the latest round of helldesk software improvements, I tried to order my thoughts onto a wiki page. It took me about fifteen bullet points before the lack of horizontal scrollbars (when content would otherwise get cut off by a narrow aperture) caused me to emit grawlix and promise to publicly embarrass myself and everyone else if it happened one more time. I shared this wiki page with main-channel of internal IRC, and that was when the usually patient guy on a friend's team (who has been watching this whole thing unfold and getting steadily less patient) apparently first got his hands on my wiki page of sortable grousing. I could see him going point by point down the list of tickets and getting steadily more frothy.

There was, at one point, a survey sent around. He expressed disappointment at not getting to see the output of said survey. "Oh, they posted it," I said. "It was a real $NAME special." Then I linked to the not!Facebook post about same, commenting that this was the one where Purple had re-balanced the survey, and everything no longer came up Milhouse.

Dude was not pleased with our now-ex C-level SaaSmonger. To the point where I started explaining the gospel of the Unimportant Fire. And the usual accompaniment of same, the importance of conserving one's water for the important fires. At which point some of the usual suspects started talking about mulch, and that if a certain ex-exec did not care for mulch on his head, well, he could file a ticket.

On that cheery and salubrious note, Purple emerged from the depths of his cave and swooped me off into the parking lot. We chatted about various things, including various people we had known who did not come to particularly great ends. Cheery topic. Also lunch plans for tomorrow -- the QUILTBAGPIPE group is meeting for lunch (bring your own lunch) in the milkshake bunker, and while Mr. Sub-tle couldn't be there himself, he did authorize the organizing principle to expense the champagne for the mimosas. All of which is to say that while Purple is getting lunch, I was going to be waltzing back down, tight as an owl.

"What does that even mean? I grew up in Ohio! I'm familiar with owls!"

Purple had never heard that phrase before. It is an old one, but not apparently super well known.

So that was Wednesday.
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my fave greek history story to tell is that of agnodice. like she noticed that women were dying a lot during childbirth so she went to egypt to study medicine in alexandria and was really fucking good but b/c it was illegal for women to be doctors in athens she had to pretend to be a man. and then the other doctors noticed that she was 10x better than them and accused her of seducing and sleeping with the women patients. like they brought her to court for this. and she just looked at them and these charges and stripped in front of everyone like “yeah. im not fucking your wives” and then they got so mad that a woman was better at their jobs then them that they tried to execute her but all her patients came to court and were like “are you fucking serious? she is the reason you have living children and a wife.” so they were shamed into changing the law and that is how women were given the right to practice medicine in athens

Yeah, this isn’t some Greek myth story about a hero or demigod or something, Agnodice was a real person who actually did this.