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Location:Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada
Website:Rick Scott


A few details about me: I'm married and have two brilliant little kids; I'm a computer geek who loves to write, test, and philosophize about software; I believe in open source, access for all, and the hacker ethic.

Amongst other things, I hike, cook, and bake. I also attempt to coax sounds out of my viola; occasionally they even approach something resembling music.

This journal

This is my personal blog; here I share recipes, randomly post music, and natter about my personal life. I'm also wont to ponder or rail about philosophical issues writ large: ethics, social justice, equity, community, sex, love, friendship. Computer geekery figures prominently, though the drawn-out essay style pieces tend to get put on my 'professional' blog at [personal profile] rickscott.

I rarely crosspost, so please feel free to subscribe to either or both blogs as your interests dictate. And if you're a colleague who gets a dose of TMI from reading this blog, don't say I didn't warn you. =)

Subscription / Access policy

If I subscribe to your journal, it's because I'm interested in reading what you write; there's no reciprocation required. If I unsubscribe it's most likely because my reading page has grown past the point where I can manage to keep up with it -- please don't take it as a slight.

There's no need to ask permission to subscribe to me -- go ahead, that's what my journal is here for! Of course, you're welcome to ask if you prefer. Introductions are always good.

About half the posts here are flocked, mostly because I occasionally like to kvetch, squee, or process without having it immediately pounced on and archived by the Entire Internet.

I grant access fairly freely -- approximately, to anyone who has a recognizable persona here and who doesn't make me uncomfortable in some way. If I give you access out of the blue, it's probably because I've encountered you enough on DW that you've become a familiar face, as it were.

If you don't have access and think you probably should, it may well be an oversight on my part -- let me know!

More details

If you're on my access list, there's a post with more about me, including contact info and access filters, here.

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