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Saturday, September 18th, 2010 22:42

Nah, not the fun kind with foils & sabres; the kind you use to keep your daredevil 2-year-old in the back yard when you live next to a busy street.

Today we finally set the final fencepost that we need to completely enclose our back yard. Digging 4ft (120cm) holes with hand tools through gravel, heavy clay, and slag is a bit arduous, to say the least. I'm not sorry to see the arse end of that job.

Now we have a half dozen shiny new 4x4x12ft posts set in the ground in concrete (4'x8" sonotubes), so it's a good thing they appear to be lined up right, because they're sure as hell not going anywhere. The fencepost concrete we used is neat stuff: no mixing required, just dump it into your form and add water. It sets in 20 minutes and is ready to rock in 3 hours. I keep daydreaming about using it for nighttime guerrilla construction of wheelchair ramps and other such things.

Anyway, I felt suitably butch after finishing that bit of work. Rewarded myself by washing off the mud, dirt, and cement dust with a newly-opened bar of citrus-sunflower-and-grapefruit soap. =)